What is 'pyschological safety' and why should you care about it?

3 February 2020


Here's something you may have never heard of.... something called 'psychological safety'.   Fair enough too, it's a relatively new term that describes the feeling of being comfortable to take risks, express your opinions and challenge the status quo in your workplace.

But, did you also know that research has shown that it's the most important factor when it comes to the effectiveness of your team?

Recent work by Google solidified this finding.  They found that the higher the level of psychological safety in the team, the better they performed.

In her Ted Talk entitled 'Building a Psychologically Safe Workplace' researcher Amy Edmonson reveals some of the key factors to promote safety and why it can be so important.

Click the picture below to watch.  Then come back and make sure you can answer the questions below...

Here's a few questions to see if you were listening:

  1. What does low Psychological Safety and high Accountability give rise to?
  2. How do you create an environment of curiosity?
  3. What dimensions get you into the 'Learning Zone'?
  4. Why did it appear that more effective teams had more incidents?

Click here to download the Psychological Safety behaviour prompt sheet that I use in my Corporate Training Program at Breakout Bar & Escape Rooms.  

Brett Baker :)
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