When I tell people I have 5 companies and over 120 staff they invariably say...
"Wow, you must be so busy!"
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Why I'm not 'busy'...

Ok, so this is the part I hate.... I don't like talking about myself because it feels like bragging.

But I actually do practice what I preach.

I LOVE what I do for a living.  I have FUN starting new businesses, coaching my team and clients and helping bring fun and freedom back into people's lives.

But I'm not busy...

To the right you'll see a typical week out of my calendar.

You'll probably notice that there are bunch of coaching appointments, some business meetings and a lot of personal things that I like doing (including a day off to spend with my son).

Now, you might not want your week to look like mine, but it should look how you want it to.

My week looks exactly how I want it to.  The point is, I've created that freedom for myself.

And that's what I want to create for other business owners, the freedom to do the work they love.

The backstory.

After obtaining a BAppSc (Psychology) from the University of Canberra Brett worked in some interestingly varied roles (including things as weird as Private Investigator) before being employed by BHP Billiton Illawarra Coal in 2003.

At BHPB Brett was responsible for the development of safety & training systems for the new Dendrobium Coal Project.  From there he moved into a regional position and (with the help of a dedicated team) reshaped the Training Systems in use by the company.

In 2007 Brett purchased Hangdog Climbing Gym.  In 2013, while still working at Illawarra Coal he built and opened the third trampoline park in the country - Hangtime Trampoline Park.

With the success of Hangtime, Brett resigned from Illawarra Coal and, in collaboration with Colin Bloomfield, formed the company Funscape with the mission of 'Creating places where people have fun'.

Under Brett's management Funscape opened Revolution Laser Arena (2014), Revolution Laser Arena NTC (2016) and Breakout Bar & Escape Rooms (2017) and 3 Sixty Indoor Skate Park (2020)  

The Funpreneur is Brett's 6th business and is aimed at helping other business owners achieve  success, have some fun, and create freedom for themselves.

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