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Dear Business Owner,

I imagine you’ve arrived here because you’re not having as much fun running your business as you want to be.

You’re probably overwhelmed by how much there is to do and frustrated that you seem to be the only one who can do it all.

Maybe you’re confused about what to prioritise, and just wish you knew what would really move the needle for you?

Or perhaps you’re just tired of grinding so hard but not getting ahead, watching everyone else around you succeed.

I’ve been there.

Having built multiple businesses including a Trampoline Park, Laser Tag centres, Bars, Escape Room venues, Indoor Skate Parks and several technology startups, I know the enormous amount of things there are to do in building and running businesses.

I know how overwhelming it can be - it’s like you’re supposed to be an expert in law, accounting, marketing, HR, training... the list goes on and on..

But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be like that.

When I tell people how many businesses I have they always say ‘oh wow, you must be so busy!?’


I work 4 days a week and take a couple of months off every year.

As well as that, when I say that I ‘work’ 4 days a week, what I mean is, “I pursue interesting ideas that energise and fascinate me” 4 days a week.

To be honest, I don’t really feel like I work at all.  And when the weekends roll around, sometimes I’m disappointed!

But I’m NOT special!  I just know a secret:

Good systems make business fun!

(insert the crickets chirping here)

Let me guess your reaction…. How boring and tedious right?

Systems… you mean those complicated and technical programs that I need a ten week training course just to understand!

What kind of person could think ‘systems’ and ‘fun’ belong in the same sentence? He must be a sadist, or a weirdo!

Well I’m here to tell you I’m neither.

I’m actually just a regular guy who learned early on that a business is nothing more than a bunch of systems that work together.  Financial systems, training systems

See, when you take a systems approach and design automation into your business, everything starts to happen…automatically. You get to sit back and watch the machine work.

But here’s the thing: this is not about buying a cool piece of software!

The internet is full of advertisements for the latest ‘bright shiny’ software that will fix all your problems and automate your whole business. Guess what…. It’s BS.

Yes, there are some incredible software products available and we use plenty of it. But it’s the work you do before buying the software that counts.  Software is a tool and, just like a fancy hammer can’t build a house, flashy software is not going to fix your business.

Building great systems and automating your business is about the strategy, the plan, identifying the process steps and then deciding what tools to use, what assets you need and who you can delegate to.

That’s where we come in.

Here at the Funpreneur we’ve done this over and over again for the businesses we’ve built, and we’ve helped hundreds of small and medium business owners get their life back and see their business thrive.

With our unique three step process Clarify, Create, Automate we make the process of building and running an automated business simple and fun.

If feeling in control, having more time and growing your business with less effort sound like what you’re looking for just click on that big yellow button and book in a free call.

Don’t let your business become another statistic because you burned out.

Give me a call and find out how to build a business you love.

Brett Baker

We help you beat back the chaos and get control with our unique FUNdamental Business
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